OK Mission House
Calremore, Oklahoma
bezalel design

Dan and Linda Huey have set aside a wooded two acre portion of their farm as a way station for missionaries; a manufactured home on the site is currently being used for the purpose. In honor of Edith Spillmen, the new house will serves as a relaxing retreat for families and individuals returning from the mission field. William Christenberry’s “memory forms” where used in a form generation study, the current incarnation is a “memory form with a dirt dobbers nest attached” this nest contains the stair to the second story.
Wall construction is cross-laminated solid timber panels. These factory cut panels show up site and are erected similar to pre-cast concrete, except for the fact that they are made from quickly replenishing pulpwood; however their performance is more akin to heavy timber construction. This system has not been used before in the United States. For more information on this building system please visit:KLH