Neighborhood Charter School
Atlanta, Georgia

Joint Venture: praxis3 + Verge Studio

Arson destroyed the original interior of the school leaving only a brick shell which was supported temporarily while the new building was being built from the inside out. A steel frame and hollow core slab system was used to restore the classroom space. The solid masonry facade was restored to its former glory on the exterior to match the historic district that is Grant Park. On the interior, brick was left exposed for a loft aesthetic. Insurance money was used for this project and a large portion of the budget was used to save the existing shell. The insurance company would have preferred that it be torn down completely. With a tight budget interior finishes had to be very economical. I developed a floor patterning system for the class rooms that used carpet tile; a field and two accents. If a tile is damaged you simple replace it with an accent tile and the carpet won’t look faded. For hallways VCT was used. I came up with patterns based on different mathematical sequences.