Diagnostic Imaging Center + Exterior Renovations
Grady General Hospital

AmericuAmAmericusCairo, Georgia

project photos: Walter Elliott

Marietta Podiatry Group has provided podiatric care to a popular and fitness-minded northwest metro Atlanta community for over 30 years. From the beginning, physicians set a clear goal to provide patients with the highest quality of care in a clean, safe, and caring environment. 

Twenty-eight years ago, CDH Partners was asked to design a medical facility for Marietta Podiatry that would allow the physicians to meet the growing demands of their practice. In 2010, this longtime client contacted CDH once again with the request to renovate a building they had just purchased. Included in the plan was also the construction of a new building that was located adjacent to the renovated facility.  This new building became their ambulatory surgery center and allowed them to expand their practice to a greater degree. 

Utilizing an integrated team approach, CDH designers provided creative design, strategic planning, and a broad material selection for detailing. The 7,200 square foot single story clinic is residential in style and is constructed of wood framing with a mansard roof. It has a rustic brick exterior and sits on 1.43 acres.

The renovated building has been systematically laid out with future expansion in mind.  The new ambulatory surgery center was placed at the entry level to the site to the west of the existing clinic. When it came to the workflow pattern, designers realized the existing floor plan that had been designed by CDH years earlier was still viable. Therefore no changes were made to the original design. 

The CDH team began by renovating the group’s clinic, which was original to the facility.  They utilized space planning, materials, and colors to create an upscale environment while implementing sustainable design principles. The new ambulatory surgery center also contains a physical therapy space and exam modules. 

In the end, CDH established an intrinsic design that clearly guides patients into surgery and exam rooms using visible points of connection.  Close attention was paid to patient convenience, comfort, and safety. Colors were specifically chosen to reduce patient stress. 

The design team applied a system-wide approach to patient and family centered care.  Only finish upgrades were required but this still allowed the CDH team to follow a comprehensive process through every phase of the project, resulting in a well-conceived product that is both holistic and well planned. One exam module was converted into a naturally lit physical therapy area, requiring some minor structural and MEP changes. 

The different occupancies and fire separations required the buildings be ten feet apart connected by a lite corridor. In order to make the two sections into a cohesive whole, the original entry to the clinic was redesigned to have a similar canopy to the addition. Brick from the original clinic was matched for a pull away detail on the surgery center entrance. Intricate details are binding elements that bring a final layer of comfort and thoughtfulness to a project. The waiting room was updated for patient comfort.  Subdued lighting was added along with a wireless network access and coffee station.